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   I love conversations. Conversations are gateways to life lessons, magnificent stories, and healing words. I recently graduated from Florida International University with an electrical engineering Master's degree. I work on projects around the house and pride myself on my knowledge of how to use tools and, particularly, how to cut drywall.

   I've spent my life in Homestead, Florida and I wouldn't have it any other way. I say this because many people I grew up with complained about it. Homestead has risen from the rubble left by Hurricane Andrew in 1992 to a busy and ever-growing city. We even have chain restaurants and stores now, and in October 2019 we gained a bowling alley and SECOND theater!

   Volunteering is a hobby of mine. I happened upon liking it because of the high school requirement and once I found a few organizations I liked, I stuck with them. First came The Homestead Rodeo Association, we put on an annual rodeo in Homestead and we are the southernmost rodeo in the continental United States. When I got into middle school, I met members of Artists Striving To End Poverty and would love their work and join them in high school and for the rest of my life. ASTEP works around the world creating art programs for underprivileged youth, the idea I learned from them was that once a child is introduced to those that care for them and shown that they can, in fact, do art without any fancy training or equipment, they are shown that possibilities are endless, nothing can stop them but themselves. The final program is the Miss America Scholarship Competition.  I competed as Miss Homestead Outstanding Teen 2008, loved my local team, and competed later as Miss Homestead 2015 and loved my team even more. I passed on the title and immediately began volunteering with them to help raise money for the next winner and since Miss Homestead has passed on the title to Miss South Florida, I now volunteer with them. We work with three titles, Miss South Florida, Miss Florida Everglades, and Miss Homestead along with the matching teens. With every organization, some events go smoother than others but, the team makes it fun and the result is for good.

   I am Methodist Christian, a member of the First United Methodist Church of Homestead - our church is older than the city itself. I am an artist, I love to dance and sing. Since my husband picked up playing banjo, I've learned a lot of old country songs and am working on the dulcimer myself. Due to personal experiences, I am an advocate for Epilepsy Awareness, learn to handle a seizure and you could save a life and never be afraid to admit to seizing, proper diagnosis, and safely handling yourself can save others as well (don't drive if you may seize).

     Wrapping things up, my favorite quote is Gandhi's "Be the change that you wish to see in the world."

   To me, the point is that you can't expect the world to change if all you do is complain. I've been through plenty, if I just whined about life, I'd have no friends. If you want something to change, reach out to your local politicians and tell them - they can do many things but reading minds is not one of them. If you don't like the way your generation dresses, pull up your pants (or buy that longer skirt) and be an example. I'm not fond of bullies or buying animals from breeders so I adopt from shelters and work with kids. I am a strong supporter of art for all ages and especially in schools, so I volunteer as a dance teacher from time to time. I want safer roads, so I put my phone on silent and focus on the road and I took things up with my local commissioner. If you don't like it, change it. Be that change.

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